Automotive Waxes in Rochester, NY

Whether you are looking to clean, shine, protect or restore your car, motorcycle or boat, we have the waxes and polishes for every job. The friendly and knowledgeable team at Aratari Auto Finishers is always available to discuss your needs and determine which wax would be best and also instruct you on how to properly apply it.

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Our Products Include:

  Wizards Shine Master 160z
  Black Ice Carnauba Wax
  Poly Gard Sealant
  RV, Boat & Aircraft Wax
   Aerosol Cherry Flash Wax
  Blue Wax
  Cherry Wax

  Insulator Wax
  Super Double Coat 18oz
  Super Double Coat 9oz

  Vitreo Pint
  Yellow Wax
  Vitreo Quart
  Marque D’Elegance

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